The Park Central Neighborhood Association serves Park Avenue neighbors living on Argyle, Brunswick, Buckingham, Park and Morningside Park. I’m Renee, and I recently agreed to serve as co-President of the Park Central Neighborhood Association.

The association hasn’t been very active in recent years and we are currently breathing some life back into it.  Stronger communities and neighborhoods begin with neighbors who know and watch out for one another.  Stronger neighborhoods make happier people.  This is a small association whose purpose is to simply allow neighbors a venue through which they can know and support one another.

We are just getting the Park Central NA web site and the neighborhood association itself up and running.  Once the weather thaws a bit, we’ll go door to door and make sure that anyone who wants to join the association or visit the web site knows that our neighborhood association is back!

Drop us an e-mail if you live in the neighborhood.  We’d love to hear from you.

If you live in the Park Avenue neighborhood but not on one of the streets listed above, contact us and we’ll help you!  You can also contact Jimmy Catalano.  He is the secretary of our overall neighborhood coalition, Park Avenue Neighborhood Coalition (the boundaries for this group are Alexander St. to Culver Rd. and from East Ave. to Canterbury/Monroe.)

You can also find a listing of the various neighborhood associations throughout the city via the South East Area Coalition web site.

We love vibrant neighborhoods so much, that we also maintain RocVille.com, a blog about making positive contributions (in whatever way you are comfortable) to help change the neighborhood, community and world around us.

I’d also like to acknowledge HubShout, my husband’s Internet Marketing company, for donating the website development time and hosting services for this project. HubShout is located within the boundaries of our neighborhood association and is committed to community-driven urban revitalization.